3 Small Things

Hi All

I haven't put out such a lengthy post in a long while - I usually procrastinate and then it slips my mind and  then it's too late. 

Recently, 3 small things happened and inspired me to reach out to all of you and say hello.

  1. My song "Small Hope Bay" was picked up to play on a radio show out of New York (WTBQ Hootenanny Cafe with Jon Stein)  with the theme of children and the recent news about immigration.  I put it out as a single as it is the last thing I have recorded . If you want to do me a solid you can download the song here:https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/marianneflemming2
  2. . I received a small royalty check from BMI - (and I do mean SMALL)  nevertheless I haven't received one in years so I am taking that as a good sign to keep on recording . To that end, I am in the studio at our house and learning how to record -big shout out to Kari Newhouse for helping me learn Logic and lighting a fire under me to do this. If you'd like to learn more about Kari and her talent here she is http://www.karinewhouse.com/
    1. If you'd like to help me achieve this goal of recording new material e mail me back.

3. Beginning August 1st  I will be hosting a monthly happy hour in Portland at McMenamin's White Eagle.  This event is sponsored by Local Roots - a concert series and weekly radio show that promotes Northwest Original Music.

Here's how to find out more about that:https://www.facebook.com/localrootsmusicnw/

I hope to have local guests and people passing through the Portland area join me. (hint hint - Florida and Wisconsin friends!!!) If you'd like to be a guest email me back .  My first guest is Joshua Davis from the local band Bitches of the Sun - more on that later>

Ok that is that 

wishing you all a jam packed summer


©2019 Marianne Flemming